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Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder is home to Alaska's premier upper extremity surgical specialists. We provide care for orthopedic injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder as well as fracture care and sports medicine. Call AkHES today to schedule your appointment.

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine refers to the branch of medicine focused on diagnosing and treating sports related injuries and conditions commonly found in the active athlete. Knee, shoulder, and hand injuries, as well as joint pain and stiffness, are a few of the common disorders addressed by sports medicine providers. At Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder we offer state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging services, including x-ray, fluoroscopy, and ultrasound services to accurately diagnose and treat your condition.

Dr. Jason Gray specializes in sports injuries of the shoulder, elbow, and knee.  He treats both seasoned athletes and weekend warriors of any age and athletic ability. For sports-related knee injuries and conditions, we offer ACL reconstruction, knee cartilage repair, arthroscopic repair, knee ligament reconstruction, meniscus repair, and patella instability repair. We also offer total shoulder, total elbow, and total knee replacements if severe arthritis inhibits your normal daily activities. Our providers will work closely with your physical or occupational therapist to provide an adequate rehabilitation process and to help relieve pain and restore function long-term. We offer conservative, non-surgical treatment as well as minimally invasive procedures to reduce risk, speed up recovery, and minimize scarring.

Common sports-related injuries and conditions we treat are listed below.

Sports Medicine Diagnoses & Treatments:
Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Tears
Cartilage Injuries
Knee Arthritis
Knee Arthroscopy
Ligament Injuries
Meniscus Tears
Patella Instability
Plica Syndrome