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Alaska Hand-Elbow-Shoulder is home to Alaska's premier upper extremity surgical specialists. We provide care for orthopedic injuries and conditions of the hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder as well as fracture care and sports medicine. Call AkHES today to schedule your appointment.



The elbow joint is formed by the joining of the humerus (upper arm bone), the ulna (the forearm bone on the small finger side), and the radius (the forearm bone on the thumb side). The joint is surrounded by ligaments and muscles that hold the joint together and prevent dislocation. The elbow allows two basic motions including flexion/extension and forearm rotation (palm up/palm down). Elbow injury, over-use, or wear and tear may cause pain, inflammation, and immobility. Often, injury occurs from a fall or sports injury, and may involve muscle strains, contusions, fractures, or tendon or nerve injuries.

Our orthopedic specialists, Dr. McNamara and Dr. Gray offer everything from conservative, non-surgical treatments, to minimally invasive procedure, to more complex surgical procedures. Regardless of which treatment plan is utilized for your individual condition, we aim to both relieve pain and restore function to get you back to your active lifestyle.

Common elbow injuries and conditions we treat are listed below.

Elbow Diagnoses & Treatments:
Cubital Tunnel
Distal Bicep Tendon Repair
LUCL Injury
MCL Injury
Tennis Elbow
Elbow Dislocation
OCD (Osteochondritis dissecans) Elbow
Osteoarthritis of the Elbow