Our Staff

  • Heidi Wallis Staff

    Heidi Wallis

    Licensed Practical Nurse

    Heidi Wallis, LPN, was born in Germany and has been in nursing for 26 years. Heidi…

  • Robert Koontz II Staff

    Robert Koontz II

    Radiologic Technologist

    Robert “Dean” Koontz II, Radiologic Technologist, is a native of Coeur D’Alene, Idaho.  He is a…

  • Tara Blake Staff

    Tara Blake

    Registered Nurse

    Tara Blake, RN, was born in Oregon, but has lived in Alaska for 36 years and…

  • Victoria Artola Staff

    Victoria Artola

    Referrals Specialist & Clinical Support

    Victoria Artola, Referrals Specialist & Clinical Support, joined our team in July 2018.  She is a…

  • Jake McNamara Staff

    Jake McNamara

    Certified Medical Assistant/EMT

    Jake McNamara, CCMA/EMT, was born in Anchorage, Alaska and graduated from Grace Christian High School.  He…

  • Paula Harris Staff

    Paula Harris

    Patient Services Lead

    Paula Harris, Patient Services Lead, was born in upstate New York. She joined AkHES in October…

  • Kirsten McDaniel Staff

    Kirsten McDaniel

    Marketing Manager

    Kirsten McDaniel, Marketing Manager, was born in San Antonio, Texas but has lived in Alaska most…

  • Renée Parsons Staff

    Renée Parsons

    Executive Assistant

    Renée Parsons, Executive Assistant, joined AkHES in July 2019. She has over 10 years of experience…

  • Tone Zollinger Staff

    Tone Zollinger

    Billing Supervisor

    Tone Zollinger, Billing Supervisor, grew up in Oslo, Norway. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business…