Letter to Medicare Patients

Dear Medicare Patients:

This letter is to inform you that my office does not participate with the Medicare program and we are not able to bill Medicare for services you receive from us. This does not mean that we must end our relationship and the excellent care you receive. It just means that when we provide professional services to you (e.g. office visits or surgery fees), Medicare insurance will not pay for those services and you cannot submit claims to Medicare. You will need to complete a Medicare Private Contract in order for us to provide professional services to you.

If you need surgery, you will have full coverage for your hospitalization or facility charges through Medicare, as well as coverage for any other consultants who are involved in your care.

We have decided to not participate with the Medicare program due to the increasing government regulations regarding your medical care. Each year the federal government increases the administrative burden of providing care to Medicare patients and new regulations and requirements are imposed. This environment has made it very difficult to deliver the high level of medical care and innovation that we provide to our patients. Based upon these factors, we have decided to not participate with Medicare.

We believe we have an excellent relationship with our patients and you will continue to receive the highest level of care. You have every right to choose another provider for your care. We will understand and respect whatever decision you make. Please be assured that we will cooperate with any provider you choose to continue your care with. We do hope that you will choose to continue to be our patient and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Best Regards,

Michael G. McNamara, MD